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Issue 3644

Out 18 Jul!

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Havoc! Hilarious! Hazardous! Totes amaze!

These are words... [Not all of them, that last bit's just gibberish - Beano Ed.] Ok, fine. The first 3 are words with meanings, that are used in sentences to describe things... and they all start with an H! Know what else they have in common? They all describe this week's Beano!

+++ Havoc +++

  • Dennis and Gnasher's hypnotic tricks cause DESTRUCTION!
  • The Numskulls cause a 5 car pile-up in Edd's stomach!
  • Fred turns fighter ace when he LANDS in World War I!

+++ Hilarious+++

  • The Ratz are sick! [Do you mean good or ill?- Beano Ed.] Er... a bit of both, so watch where you step!
  • Minnie's a babysitter! Yes, someone's put the Minx in charge of a child! You MUST see this!
  • Zuky shows us just how many ways there are to skin a cat!

+++ Hazardous +++

  • We've banned  GROWN-UPS! For good! Because they can't handle the Menacing antics!
  • The Beano Ed. has a message for YOU in The Tree-House!
  • Slackers unite! We've got a BRAND NEW scheme for you to pull! Check out Roger's Dodge diary!

So, there you have it! Words with meanings! See? Comics teach you stuff! Fun stuff, but still stuff! That basically means you can read them in school and say you're learning*!

*This excuse may not work on all teachers. Or ANY teachers. And you don't want to learn the meaning of the word 'confiscated'.

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