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Issue 3646

Out 1 Aug!

Free gift!

Woo-hoo! Get ready! Get set! Go! [Where? - Beano Ed]

To the shops, you twit! It's time to grab your Beano because we've got something EPIC to reveal! But first, before we tell you about that, let's give you a glimpse of what ELSE you can look forward to!

+++Look, Look+++

  • Dennis' and Gnasher have to battle with the horror of summer school! [Eep! - Beano Ed.]
  • Minnie the Minx needs a partner for the cartie race, but her volunteers are a bit lame!
  • It's summer time at Bash Street, so that means only one thing! Rain of course!
  • Something has got into Edd! Find out what it is in this week's Numskulls!

+++Your eyes will be glued to this!+++

  • Been wondering what the golden ticket is? Of course you have! From next week, EVERYONE is a winner! We mean EVERYONE! If you get a Beano, you will win a prize! FACT! Find out all the AMAZING stuff you can win!
  • There is a super-dooper Menace of the Week in the Tree-House! Will you dare?
  • Fred's Bed is THE BOMB! [DUCK! - Beano Ed.]

So, there you have it! We've given you a sneak peak at the AMAZING Golden Ticket! Remember, to find out EVERYTHING you need to know, don't miss this week's issue! You'll totally regret it if you do!

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  1. BenMG
    BenMGTue 7 August 2012 at 3:46PM

    i have my golden ticket from my subscription issue but i don't know where to enter my secret code! Is it THAT secret?!

  2. niall 03
    niall 03Sun 5 August 2012 at 6:22PM

    come on guys you have to admit that plug is stupid but cool!

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