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It's a top secret society for jokers and pranksters everywhere!

Dennis wants YOU to be the Very Important Person who decides what makes the Beano, BeanoMAX, and funnier than ever!

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He wants YOUR jokes, YOUR funny stories, and YOUR drawings and doodles! Yep,Dennis and Gnasher want everything YOU find funny so they can let the laughs loose everywhere...

... but the FUNNIEST stuff will ALWAYS start with the Beano VIPs! And that means YOU! guarantees giggles FOR FREE for every BEANO VIP!
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  • Amazing Beano Secrets!  EXCLUSIVELY unlocked by your Beano VIP password on ! Classic comic strips, jokes, pranks, puzzles, quizzes and brilliant competitions with amazing prizes!
  • The Beano Wall of Fame! Send YOUR own drawings and doodles to the Beano editor, and YOU help decide which will appear in the Beano Comic!
  • Have your say! Share pranks, jokes, and gags!  Tell us what you think about the Beano, about Dennis & Gnasher, about BeanoMax. VIPs comments are read by the Beano Team - it's your direct line to Beano HQ!
  • VIP Votes! Help Dennis and The Beano Team decide which are the new comic superstars, and who'll be going straight down the dumper!

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