Bananaman: Crow

The Winged Wonder!

Many crimefighters have sidekicks. Sherlock Holmes has Doctor Watson, Batman has Robin, and Bananaman has Crow, his feathered friend who's always ready to fly into action alongside the big, blue battler.

  • Crow's the brains of the team - lucky for the team when you realise how daft Bananaman is.
  • Crow is great at offering advice or coming up with a plan when Bananaman finds himself in a tricky situation. And, if he can't think of advice, he'll think of some smartypants gag to make. His sense of humour's as sharp as his beak, but he doesn't like to crow about it!
  • Speaking of beaks, Crow's beak is nearly as pointy as General Blight's naughty nose. Unlike Blight, Crow doesn't mind being called "beaky".

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