Bash Street Kids


  1.  Annual Anarchy
    Comic Strip - 1 Nov, 12:02am

    Annual Anarchy

    The Beano Annual 2015 has hit the shops! Take a peek inside!
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  2.  Win A K'NEX 52 Model Tub
    Feature - 26 Sep, 10:10am

    Win A K'NEX 52 Model Tub

    One of two sets could be yours!
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  3.  Bash Street really exists... in Dundee
    Video - 28 Feb, 3:38pm

    Bash Street really exists... in Dundee

    Bash Street Kids honoured with their own street!
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  4.  World's Largest Rope Swing
    Video - 15 Jan, 2:35pm

    World's Largest Rope Swing

    See one of the scariest stunts ever right here!
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  5.  Cup Song
    Video - 20 Nov, 10:19am

    Cup Song

    Once you’ve watched it, you’ll want to try it!
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  6.  Cookie News
    Feature - 13 Nov, 8:50am

    Cookie News

    Watch Cookie Monster appear on BBC Newsnight!
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  7.  2007 - Taking It To The MAX
    Comic Strip - 1 Oct, 7:46pm

    2007 - Taking It To The MAX

    The Beano gets a monthly mag to go along with the weekly!
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  8.  2006 - Battle for Bash Street
    Feature - 30 Sep, 5:21pm

    2006 - Battle for Bash Street

    Beano Interactive DVD - animated comics & games together!
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  9.  2004 - Solo Students
    Comic Strip - 28 Sep, 7:04pm

    2004 - Solo Students

    The Bash Street Kids get Singled Out for stardom!
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  10.  2000 - Fun at the Fair & Fun Online
    Comic Strip - 24 Sep, 6:33pm

    2000 - Fun at the Fair & Fun Online

    Beanoland theme park opens for fun & Beanotown goes live!
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