Bash Street Kids

All Dressed Up for the Class Photo!

It's here, folks - the picture you've all been waiting for - the Bash Street Kids dressed to thrill in the uniform designed for them by Carmen Neat from Aberdeen and chosen by YOU!

Don't ask anyone to say, "Cheese" if Fatty's nearby!

Legendary Bash Street artist David Sutherland has drawn the whole class in their new outfits. "The design was very original, and I enjoyed putting the kids into Carmen's colourful choice of clothes," said David. "I liked it so much, you'll see I've given some other characters in the story the same fun and fashionable look!"

The uniform will appear in the Bash Street Kids story in Beano No.3631 (on sale April 11th 2012), but why not download the picture for a sneak peak and see if you can spot who else David has drawn in the uniform? You'll have to look clothesly... er... closely!

Carmen's DesignA really Neat notion - Carmen's original design!

A great, big THANK YOU to everyone who sent in designs, or who took time out to vote for their favourite. And if fashion's not your passion, don't worry  - there'll be loads more competitions coming your way!

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