Bash Street Kids

Presenting... Plunge-O!

Onwards and Plungewards!

The special 10 page Bash Street Kids story in Beano No.3588 shows the kids of Class IIB competing with their Posh Street School rivals in the traditional sport of Plunge-O!

Everyone knows the rules of Plunge-O - unlike football, it's not a game of two halves, it's a game of three thirds - but here are some facts about the history of the game that you might not know.

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Bullets1861 - Frederick 'Fat-Fellow' Fatterton (ancestor of present day Bash Street pupil, Fatty) tries to hide the face of fellow pupil, Peregrine Proudfoot Plugsley, with the first thing that comes to hand: a plunger.

"It became the ideal place to store my doughnuts," claims Fat-Fellow. "Mmmmf, gwwmfff, gwimgwlll," claims Plugsley, which is all you can say when you've got your face stuck in a plunger. Other pupils find sport in throwing doughnuts in the direction of Plugsley's plunger. Thus is born Plunge-O, the wonder game!

Bullets1879 - Fed up fishing pupils out of the drink after plunger-faced wanderings cause pond-based plungings,  Bash Street's Headmaster rules plungers must be worn on top of the head, not over the face. The exception is 'Erbert's great-great-great-great-grandfather, whose eyesight improves hugely when his eyes are completely covered.

Bullets1896 - Doughnuts replaced by coloured hoops as throwing accessories. The heavy wooden hoops were found to cause less damage when thrown than the doughnuts from Mistress Olive's kitchen.

Kaiser"What a target, eh, chaps? Tally-ho, and hoops away!"

Bullets1914-1918 - Plunge-O becomes the favourite pastime amongst British soldiers as spiky enemy helmets make tempting targets. "Mit der Plunge-O game, these Britishers like to get straight to der point!" the Kaiser reportedly said. Only in German.

Bullets1926 - Posh Street School's first victory in Inter-School Plunge-Off! To date, they hold the record for most wins. Famous team captains include Percy Plummy-Voice, Cyril Smugly-Snide, Basil Bally-Beastly Major, Basil Bally-Beastly Minor, Sir Bunty Sniff-Snottily, Grenville Guffaw-Fwaw-Fwaw, and Basil Bally-Beastly the Bally Second.

Bullets1955 - Attempt to have Plunge-O included in the Commonwealth Games goes astray when 'Erbert's great great grandfather goes astray delivering the petition and is accepted into the Uncommonly Wealthy Games - the international competition for fearfully posh people. First round kicks off with the immortal cry of "To one's position! Prepare oneself! Commence!"

FloodSales of underwater chalk go through the roof!

Bullets1960 - Plunge-O temporarily outlawed due to complaints from PLOPP - the Private Limited Organisation of Professional Plumbers (motto: "We Plumb the Depths")  - when a shortage of plungers and a leaky loo leads to the Great Flood of London.

Bullets2010 - Bash Street School team fail to show up for match against Posh Street. Bash Street blame their worn out, broken down, clapped out, totally useless, old coach. Bash Street's coach, Teacher, blames the team for calling him worn out, broken down, clapped out, and totally useless.

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