Bash Street Kids

Uniform Comp - Round 1, Heat 4

Catwalk or Catastrophe?

Recently we launched a competition to get you, the readers, to design a new school uniform for the Bash Street Kids!

Now, and all through the week, you get to choose which designs go through to next week's quarter finals!

First upthis heat, Design A - a cracking 'his and hers' set from Imogen of Somerset.


And today's opposition, Design B - Libby Wilson of Bishopbriggs's clean and classic suggestion.


We'll see the design that most of you choose again in the quarter finals, as the competition reaches fever pitch. Remember - vote for the design you'd like to see again!


This round has now closed! You can keep clucking if you want - I meant to type clicking there - but neither clicking nor clucking will change the result (apologies to all chickens reading this)!

Well done to Libby Wilson - you'll see her winning design in the second quarter final!

Click on your choice – then VOTE!

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