Bash Street Kids

Uniform Comp - The Final!

Fashion Final!

Ta-da-da-da-da-daaaa! It's the FINAL!

Over the last few weeks you've chosen between loads of brilliant new uniform designs to appear in an upcoming Bash Street Kids story!

We've reached the last two - congratulations to Morgan and Carmen for winning through to the finals.

So for one last time it's over to you, beginning with Morgan Wallace's unique design...


Up against that, it's Carmen Neat's innovative effort...


Okay, it's time to get voting, people! You know it makes sense!


Voting is now CLOSED! The totals are being counted by an independent adjudicator... er, Smiffy... and we should have the name of the winner soon! He's taking his shoes and socks off to use his toes for the count... so any second now! Ahem! While we are waiting, we should tell you that any votes cast from now on will, like Smiffy's toe abacus, not count!

Click on your choice – then VOTE!

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  1. livtheminx
    livtheminxMon 24 June 2013 at 7:00PM

    i vote for b its so cool the dress is

  2. Dangerous Daisy
    Dangerous DaisySun 31 March 2013 at 2:33PM

    vote letter AAAAAAAAAAAA now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. WARSPEARben
    WARSPEARbenMon 31 December 2012 at 12:41PM

    Uniform A look totally AAAAAWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!!!

  4. you got your ass smackd
    you got your ass smackdSun 14 October 2012 at 7:16PM

    go b

  5. Comicmad!!!!!
    Comicmad!!!!!Thu 4 October 2012 at 8:19PM


  6. jiggle4444
    jiggle4444Thu 4 October 2012 at 5:07PM

    b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b

  7. epicboyjason
    epicboyjasonWed 22 August 2012 at 7:41PM

    a.a.a.a.a.a.a!!! lol

  8. awesome fireball guy
    awesome fireball guyWed 22 August 2012 at 5:05PM

    A is best

  9. dodgedude793
    dodgedude793Thu 26 April 2012 at 4:22PM

    go A!

  10. wario7661
    wario7661Tue 3 April 2012 at 1:54PM