Beano Manga

Chipi Roger Surfin'

Out-dodged by a shark?

Has Chipi Roger met his match? Out surfing, he meets a giant shark!

Beano Manga - pic for 1

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  1. ilovebeano12345
    ilovebeano12345Sat 16 March 2013 at 7:41PM

    funny lolololol

  2. messi29
    messi29Wed 15 August 2012 at 9:39AM

    beano manga is soooooooo cooooooooooooooool

  3. CALLUM04
    CALLUM04Thu 9 August 2012 at 5:36PM

    shark vs manga rodger wich one wins?

  4. austin00
    austin00Fri 22 June 2012 at 5:37PM

    wait roger theres a shark behind you. lololololololololololololololololololololololol

  5. PiLKY4
    PiLKY4Sat 27 August 2011 at 12:39PM

    Manga is pretty good aint it? I like it!

  6. Dj_harry
    Dj_harryWed 13 July 2011 at 11:45AM

    SURFS UP lol XD cool comic

  7. masterwu
    masterwuWed 1 June 2011 at 2:40PM

    surfs up a cliff face

  8. blueypablo
    blueypabloMon 30 May 2011 at 1:19PM

    This comic is awesome, great and every word that means good that you can imagine in every language (that means its good)!

  9. eviecoolgirl
    eviecoolgirlSat 12 March 2011 at 9:43PM

    i love it

  10. freja pud
    freja pudThu 3 February 2011 at 4:24PM

    lololololololollolololololololollolololol lollie !lololololol olololololol llollolloll lolloollololololololollolol lololololololololololololololololol lolollololol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LoL!


    (got a bit carried away then sorry!)

  11. freja pud
    freja pudFri 28 January 2011 at 4:40PM

    roger chipi splats into a wall!{sorry I got carried away is that o.k?}

  12. Foxygoldest
    FoxygoldestFri 7 January 2011 at 10:20PM


  13. theboooks
    theboooksTue 4 January 2011 at 3:26PM


  14. Mooky the Minx
    Mooky the MinxThu 9 December 2010 at 8:18AM




  15. Mooky the Minx
    Mooky the MinxThu 9 December 2010 at 8:13AM



  16. beanolovingbeeb
    beanolovingbeebWed 8 December 2010 at 11:35AM

    nice one!

  17. POKEMON1888888
    POKEMON1888888Tue 7 December 2010 at 8:15PM

    is not

  18. beanofan99
    beanofan99Tue 30 November 2010 at 12:21PM

    beano manga is cool.

  19. XH
    XHMon 29 November 2010 at 5:16PM

    That Roger (above) made me laugh a lot. (of course!):-D :-) He he ha ha!

  20. coolrhino555
    coolrhino555Sun 28 November 2010 at 12:37PM

    HEY!!!! dinmaker3 you are well wrong MANGA IS BBBBEEESSSSTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

  21. ljssharpshooter
    ljssharpshooterSat 27 November 2010 at 5:42PM

    I like sharks do you

  22. beanoboy2000
    beanoboy2000Sat 27 November 2010 at 11:41AM

    coooooooool! thats in caps

  23. lk6502
    lk6502Sat 27 November 2010 at 6:15AM

    soooooo coooooooo ooooooooo oooool

    guuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuyssss ssssssss ssssssssss

  24. DemonReader
    DemonReaderFri 26 November 2010 at 12:42PM

    I love the Beano Manga! Keep it running!

  25. dinmaker3
    dinmaker3Wed 24 November 2010 at 6:18PM

    the chippi series is rubbish1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!