Billy Whizz


  1.  Most Epic Splits Ever
    Video - 15 Jan, 2:34pm

    Most Epic Splits Ever

    Watch it... and set your jaw to “dropped”!
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  2.  72-foot Bike Back Flip
    Video - 20 Nov, 10:17am

    72-foot Bike Back Flip

    Watch Kelly McGarry flip a 72-foot-long canyon! Wah!
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  3.  Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
    Video - 13 Nov, 8:52am

    Scream If You Wanna Go Faster

    Watch the GEOX Scream Challenge video NOW!
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  4.  Kate & Betty's Beano Movie
    Video - 4 Nov, 1:17pm

    Kate & Betty's Beano Movie

    Watch Kate and Betty's Beano movie right here!
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  5.  1964 - Whizzing Into Action!
    Comic Strip - 19 Aug, 11:13am

    1964 - Whizzing Into Action!

    Racing back to 1964 to see Billy's speedy beginnings!
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  6.  Chopper Challenge
    Video - 9 Jul, 5:58pm

    Chopper Challenge

    Make an awesome helicopter out of paper and a paper clip!
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  7.  Whizz Jet Video Demo!
    Video - 3 Apr, 4:47pm

    Whizz Jet Video Demo!

    Watch one of the Beano team make a Whizz jet.
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  8.  Quick on the Draw!
    Doodle - 8 Jun, 4:51pm

    Quick on the Draw!

    The fastest boy alive pauses long enough to pose for a pic.
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  9.  All-Star Doodle!
    Doodle - 14 May, 3:48pm

    All-Star Doodle!

    The whole Beano gang think this doodle is EPIC!
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  10.  Beanotown Post - Read All About It!
    Feature - 18 Apr, 10:50am

    Beanotown Post - Read All About It!

    Billy's hit the headlines, thanks to a Beano reader's scoop.
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