Billy Whizz


  1.  Billy's Gala Day!
    Comic Strip - 15 Nov, 5:16pm

    Billy's Gala Day!

    Billy tries to help out when the bouncing castle springs a leak....
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  2.  Make A Twirly Thing!
    Feature - 13 Nov, 5:31pm

    Make A Twirly Thing!

    It also whizzes!
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  3.  Whizzy Wallpaper!
    Wallpaper - 12 Nov, 12:09pm

    Whizzy Wallpaper!

    Whizz up your computer's desktop with these free downloadable...
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  4.  Model Artist!
    Comic Strip - 11 Nov, 5:19pm

    Model Artist!

    Can Billy sit still long enough to be drawn?
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