Dennis & Gnasher


  1.  Prank Tournament - Quarter Final 1
    Versus - 18 Mar, 5:06pm

    Prank Tournament - Quarter Final 1

    First round winners clash - nifty note vs coin confusion!
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  2.  Prank Tournament - Quarter Final 2
    Versus - 18 Mar, 5:06pm

    Prank Tournament - Quarter Final 2

    Watery wackiness or tickly torture? Pick your prank!
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  3.  Prank Tournament - Quarter Final 3
    Versus - 18 Mar, 5:06pm

    Prank Tournament - Quarter Final 3

    Total TEARaway trick takes on black eye baffler!
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  4.  Prank Tournament - Quarter Final 4
    Versus - 18 Mar, 5:05pm

    Prank Tournament - Quarter Final 4

    Disgusting drink tackles fizzing fright!
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  5.  Gnasher Bedroom Guard
    Feature - 16 Oct, 6:03pm

    Gnasher Bedroom Guard

    Download the ultimate guard dog!
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  6.  A Smashing Time!
    Wallpaper - 2 Sep, 1:13am

    A Smashing Time!

    This menacing wallpaper really is cracking! OOPS!
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  7.  Crack the Olympic Codes!
    Feature - 23 Jul, 10:59am

    Crack the Olympic Codes!

    Crack the codes on these silly sports gags!
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  8.  Slipper Versus O'Reilly!
    Versus - 13 Jul, 10:56am

    Slipper Versus O'Reilly!

    Which cop is top? Vote for Beanotown's finest!
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  9.  Kick It Harder!
    Feature - 14 Jun, 5:14pm

    Kick It Harder!

    Did you discover Dennis's soccer secret?
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  10.  This Week in Beanotown!
    Feature - 11 Jun, 10:47am

    This Week in Beanotown!

    Still partying in Beanotown, so take a peek at what's ahead!
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