Dennis & Gnasher


  1.  What a Stinker!
    Doodle - 25 Jul, 4:28pm

    What a Stinker!

    Dennis's little sister sure is stinky!
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  2.  School's Out! On your Desktop!
    Wallpaper - 21 Jul, 6:12pm

    School's Out! On your Desktop!

    Celebrate summer with this brilliant Beano wallpaper!
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  3.  Dare To Be Digital Comp!
    Feature - 20 Jul, 3:58pm

    Dare To Be Digital Comp!

    Draw a comic about videogames and win AWESOME prizes!
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  4.  Where's Dennis? First Stage!
    Feature - 19 Jul, 11:17am

    Where's Dennis? First Stage!

    Can you track Dennis down without getting stage fright?
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  5.  Dennis's Tricky Toothpicks!
    Feature - 17 Jul, 11:00am

    Dennis's Tricky Toothpicks!

    Dennis is always up to tricks! Here's one YOU can try!
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  6.  Double Dennis Desktop!
    Wallpaper - 15 Jul, 4:51pm

    Double Dennis Desktop!

    As if by magic, a wallpaper appeared!
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  7.  Quiz - What 'Bot?
    Quiz - 2 Jul, 11:00am

    Quiz - What 'Bot?

    Would you build a mechanical menace, mechamutt, or a steel softy?
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  8.  Recap of the Robots!
    Feature - 30 Jun, 1:46pm

    Recap of the Robots!

    Who came out tops in telly's battle of the bots?
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  9.  Daily Dennis - Tuesday!
    Feature - 28 Jun, 1:14am

    Daily Dennis - Tuesday!

    Two sports = great menacing!
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  10.  Daily Dennis - Monday!
    Feature - 27 Jun, 1:03am

    Daily Dennis - Monday!

    Gbuirfbuirfbisvbj; (Will this makes sense inside? FIND OUT!)
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