Dennis & Gnasher


  1.  Merry Quizmas!
    Quiz - 3 Dec, 9:48pm

    Merry Quizmas!

    Seasonal smarty or festive fool? Find out here!
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  2.  Winter Wallpaper!
    Wallpaper - 1 Dec, 12:12pm

    Winter Wallpaper!

    Turn your desktop into a winter wonderland... Menace-style!
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  3.  Oscar Winner!
    Feature - 30 Nov, 12:18pm

    Oscar Winner!

    The Beano Ed unveils the winner of our drawing comp!
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  4.  From Your Pal, The Editor!
    Feature - 21 Nov, 4:27pm

    From Your Pal, The Editor!

    Have we got good news for you?
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  5.  Picture Mixer Fixer!
    Feature - 16 Nov, 4:54pm

    Picture Mixer Fixer!

    D&G are all mixed up! Help 'em pick up the pieces!
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  6.  Eye-eye!
    Feature - 16 Nov, 3:41pm


    Defeat detention! Banish boredom!
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  7.  The Ed's Letter!
    Feature - 15 Nov, 4:53pm

    The Ed's Letter!

    What's the Beano Editor up to? Read on to find out!
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  8.  The Beanotown House of Horrors!
    Feature - 31 Oct, 5:37pm

    The Beanotown House of Horrors!

    Frighteningly funny Halloween ho-ho-horrors ahoy!
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  9.  Tales From The Script!
    Feature - 31 Oct, 5:29pm

    Tales From The Script!

    Snaffle a scary script for your Theatre of Doom!
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  10.  The Theatre of Doo-OOM!!!
    Feature - 31 Oct, 4:58pm

    The Theatre of Doo-OOM!!!

    Create your own spooky shows with these petrifying puppets!
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