Dennis & Gnasher

Beanotown Showdown!

Get the Lowdown on the Showdown!


There's a new Menace in Beanotown this week - is Dennis history?!? What do you think? Check out this wild wallpaper for the big showdown.

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  1. pentrefarm6
    pentrefarm6Mon 20 August 2012 at 5:43PM

    arrrrr go on dennis yep hit him

  2. jonathan355
    jonathan355Tue 14 August 2012 at 9:07AM

    Dennis Mad

  3. Beanoisawesome123
    Beanoisawesome123Thu 26 July 2012 at 3:56PM

    Dennis is epic!!!!!

  4. Danchipi808
    Danchipi808Mon 30 April 2012 at 8:36PM