Dennis & Gnasher

Make a Menace Chop!

Do-It-Yourself Den Do!

In Beano No.3589, Dennis demonstrated Den Do, with some mighty Menace Karate Chops! But you don't need to be Dennis if you want to make the loudest Menace Chop ever!

Menace Chop Main

  1. Download and print the Menace Chop.
  2. Stick the colour section from the first page to a firm piece of card - like a cereal box - then cut it out.
  3. Cut out the triangular section from the second page and draw around it on a piece of brown paper, then cut out the shape you've just drawn!
  4. Fold the triangular piece of brown paper along the marked line, and stick the folded tabs to the white edges of the card section to complete your Menace Chop!
  5. Fold the Menace Chop diagonally along the white dotted line.
  6. Raise it in the air, holding the end that says BEANO - and bring it down fast, just like a karate chop!
  7. BANG!!! Instant thunder with your MENACE CHOP!
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