Dennis & Gnasher


  1.  Colour in the Menace!
    Feature - 12 May, 1:00pm

    Colour in the Menace!

    Colour in a mob of Menaces from all through history!
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  2.  Beanotown Showdown!
    Wallpaper - 27 Apr, 10:12am

    Beanotown Showdown!

    Is Dennis still Number One Menace? Check out the wallpaper!
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  3.  Walter? He's History!
    Wallpaper - 13 Apr, 4:59pm

    Walter? He's History!

    Dennis makes history fun... but not for Walter!
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  4.  Brilliant Bite-Size Puzzles!
    Feature - 7 Apr, 10:12am

    Brilliant Bite-Size Puzzles!

    Dennis presents a trio of tasty Beano puzzles to download!
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  5.  (G)nab a Gnasher!
    Feature - 4 Apr, 3:55pm

    (G)nab a Gnasher!

    Got your Dennis Blockhead? Gnasher completes the team!
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