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1939 - The First Beano Book

Kicking Off an Annual Tradition!

Beano Book 1939 Cover

The huge success of the weekly BEANO comic led to another new comic title - The MAGIC joined The DANDY and The BEANO in July of 1939. More importantly for BEANO fans, it also led to a bumper treat for readers in time for Christmas of 1939 - a treat that continues to this day - the annual BEANO BOOK!

That first BEANO BOOK had 132 pages of strips and stories, and here are just a few of them...

Beano Book 1939 2

(Pansy Potter was one of the earliest girl characters to make a big impression, and her antics paved the way for the likes of Minnie the Minx and Ivy the Terrible.)

Beano Book 1939 3

Beano Book 1939 4

Beano Book 1939 5

Beano Book 1939 6

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