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Hello Wenlock and Mandeville!

Meet the adventurous pair starting in Beano 3601!

Two new stars are joining the Beano in issue 3601. Look familiar?

Wenlock and Mandeville go Swimming - Pic

Yep, it's Wenlock and Mandeville, the London 2012 mascots!

Wenlock says: "I love sport (especially the Olympic ones) and I want to be as good at them as I can. I also love making friends who show me exciting new things to try and help me achieve my personal best. If they can make me laugh along the way... even better!"

Mandeville says: "I love finding out about people, what makes us all different and also what links us together.  I'm also always ready for action. With so many people to meet and challenges to try there's no time for anything else!"

Wenlock and Mandeville - Comic panels

Read their first Beano adventure in our free download - then follow their adventures in the Beano comic!

PSST! Do you know where they got their names? Leave us your guesses below!

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