Dennis & Gnasher

Fun Zone

  1.  The Beano New Year Challenge
  2.  Spinjitzu Challenge!
    Video - 4 Jun, 12:54pm

    Spinjitzu Challenge!

    Vote for the best - and win for yourself!
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  3.  Slipper Versus O'Reilly!
    Versus - 13 Jul, 10:56am

    Slipper Versus O'Reilly!

    Which cop is top? Vote for Beanotown's finest!
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  4.  Gnasher versus Walter!
    Versus - 13 Nov, 1:31pm

    Gnasher versus Walter!

    Choose who should go in the dog house: Gnasher or Walter!
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  5.  Dennis and Gnasher: Double Act!
    Video - 21 Jan, 4:19pm

    Dennis and Gnasher: Double Act!

    Gnasher and Gnipper make mayhem at a pet show!
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