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  1.  1947 - Adventures from the Annual
    Comic Strip - 2 Aug, 12:37pm

    1947 - Adventures from the Annual

    A pair of adventure tales from The Magic-Beano Book!
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  2.  Beano Mega Turbo Battlerz
    Feature - 30 Jul, 5:38pm

    Beano Mega Turbo Battlerz

    Download The Beano Turbo Battlerz rules here!
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  3.  1943 - It's a Kind of Magic
    Comic Strip - 29 Jul, 11:50am

    1943 - It's a Kind of Magic

    The Beano Book offers a home to characters without a comic.
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  4.  1940 - War Comes to Beanotown
    Feature - 26 Jul, 10:35am

    1940 - War Comes to Beanotown

    With war raging across Europe even comics were called up!
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  5.  1939 - The First Beano Book
    Feature - 25 Jul, 10:12am

    1939 - The First Beano Book

    Beano readers got their first extra BIG helping of fun!
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