Dennis & Gnasher

Fun Zone

  1.  1976 - For Menaces Only
    Comic Strip - 31 Aug, 5:45pm

    1976 - For Menaces Only

    Dennis had become so popular his own Fan Club was launched!
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  2.  Beano iPrank
    Feature - 27 Aug, 10:35am

    Beano iPrank

    Totally FREE Beano iPrank from Amazon app store!
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  3.  Willow Foundation Beano canvas
    Feature - 25 Aug, 11:33am

    Willow Foundation Beano canvas

    Chance to own a piece of Beano history!
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  4.  1951 - The Arrival of the Menace!
    Feature - 6 Aug, 10:58am

    1951 - The Arrival of the Menace!

    Here's a new pal you'll enjoy! He's the world's wildest boy!
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  5.  1951 EXTRA - Dennis's Debut!
    Video - 6 Aug, 10:56am

    1951 EXTRA - Dennis's Debut!

    Artist David Law's daughter reads the first Dennis strip!
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