Dennis and Gnasher: Gnasher

Dennis and Gnasher: Gnasher

Owner of the toughest teeth in town!

Dennis and Gnasher: Dennis

Dennis and Gnasher: Dennis

Dennis isn't Dennis without his Gnasher!

Hat's the way to do it, with the Dennis the Menace Woolly Hat!


Freestanding cardboard character cut-out


Fancy dress costume for adults


Drinking tumbler and twisty straw



This cushion featuring Dennis and Gnasher will be a great addition to any Beano fan's bedroom!


Now on sale!



Now £25, Was £49.95. While stocks last.


Limited Edition - only 200 pieces.


Dennis & Gnasher Masks




Complete with cartoon style manual so you can prank in true Menace style.


Spring some surprises on your family and friends with this collection of practical jokes.


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