Fred's Bed


  1.  Spooky Book Comp
    Feature - 7 Nov, 10:09am

    Spooky Book Comp

    10 book bundles up for grabs from Penguin!
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  2.  Yonderland Comp
    Video - 14 Feb, 10:20am

    Yonderland Comp

    WIN Yonderland Season One on DVD!
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  3.  Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Comp
    Feature - 6 Dec, 10:56am

    Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Comp

    Five DVD copies of the epic film to be won!
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  4.  Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie Comp
    Video - 4 Dec, 9:37am

    Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie Comp

    Dino-tastic books to be won!
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  5.  2002 - A Funny Spell
    Comic Strip - 26 Sep, 5:56pm

    2002 - A Funny Spell

    Bewitching tale casts spell over readers & monsters abound!
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  6.  A Very Important Blockhead!
    Feature - 1 Jun, 5:52pm

    A Very Important Blockhead!

    One says! Here's a really regal download for you.
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  7.  Time Warp Wallpaper!
    Wallpaper - 19 Apr, 5:54pm

    Time Warp Wallpaper!

    Step into the past (or is it the future?) with Fred's bed!
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  8.  Dino Versus Dino!
    Versus - 13 Apr, 5:48pm

    Dino Versus Dino!

    Titanosaurus versus Velociraptor - who will win?
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  9.  Which Witch?
    Versus - 12 Mar, 3:09pm

    Which Witch?

    Boris's Gran versus Fred's fairytale fiend. Wart a contest!
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  10.  Grue Mysteriosus Spotted!
    Doodle - 19 Oct, 5:04pm

    Grue Mysteriosus Spotted!

    Attention Beano bug spotters, weird beasties ahoy!
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