Fred's Bed

Fred Turns Jungle Joker!

Jungle All The Way!

Fred's Bed has taken him to some wild places in the past, but in Beano No.3588, he's having a really wild time, out of his depths in the depths of the jungle!

Maybe a few of his favourite gags'll get the growling jungle beasties on his side - and off his tail! What do you think?

Jungle - MonkeyQ - What animal goes 'GOO, GOO, GOO'?
A - A chimp walking backwards!

Jungle - croc
Q - What's a crocodile's favourite card game?


Jungle - Snake
Q - What are a snake's favourite subjects at school?

A - Music, 'cause they love singing scales,
Maths, 'cause they're great adders, and Hisssssstory!

Jungle - gorilla
Q - What do you call a 30 foot tall gorilla in a bad mood?

A- "Sir"!

Jungle - Lion
Q- What did the lion say when it ate a comedian?

A- "Does this taste funny to you?"

GROAN! No wonder they're wild!

You wouldn't want any of them as a pet, but if you've got a funny pet, you could win an awesome Beano Goodie Bag - and have your pet appear in a special Gnasher story for The Beano! How cool is that??? See page 5 of The Beano No.3588 Preview for details of Britain's Funniest Pet!

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  1. corban
    corbanFri 1 July 2011 at 2:14AM

    what do you get when you cross a monkey in a minefield

    A Baboom :-)

  2. matthewman
    matthewmanMon 20 June 2011 at 10:06PM

    im surprised his mum hasnt got herself lost in a desert or something

    that would be funny

  3. concon
    conconSat 4 June 2011 at 2:14AM