Ivy the Terrible: Mum

Ivy the Terrible: Mum

Oh, for just one day off...

Ivy the Terrible: Dad

Ivy the Terrible: Dad

How does he put up with Ivy?

Ivy the Terrible: Ivy

Ivy the Terrible: Ivy

No-one wants to get in this terrible toddler's way!

Cover up your cuts and scrapes from a day's menacing with these cool Beano plasters.


This mega-cool mug features a crazy collage of Dennis's top menacing moments from The Beano comic, for anyone who likes a chuckle with their cuppa.



Thirsty for laughs? This cool water bottle features a fantastic, full-length classic Dennis the Menace and Gnasher cover story from The Beano.


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Gnashingly good games: Chess, Draughts and Ludo.


Football fun for 2 to 4 players: The Beano F.C. vs. The Dandy United


50 quick card games for all the family to play together.


50 great travel games for 2 or more players.


Great guessing game for 2 or more players, contains 108 stuck up! cards and 4 elastic headbands.



Train your brain with these classic mind-bending puzzles which are printed on cards and brightly illustrated. Plus a box with six wire puzzles that you need to untangle and then 'tangle up' again.


A kit to help you make 60 brilliant planes. Includes templates for 20 designs.


Lots of fun in two boxes - a fantastic kit that lets you make 20 badges of all your favourite Beano characters plus extreme 'Beano science': mix up the ingredients and mould your own bouncy balls.


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