Ivy the Terrible


  1.  1985 - A 'Terrible' Beginning
    Comic Strip - 9 Sep, 4:18pm

    1985 - A 'Terrible' Beginning

    That tiny terror, Ivy, toddles into the pages of The Beano!
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  2.  Ivy the Rugby Player
    Comic Strip - 24 Nov, 4:38pm

    Ivy the Rugby Player

    Just how will Dad tackle the Terror?
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  3.  Potty Wordsearch
    Feature - 24 Nov, 3:15pm

    Potty Wordsearch

    Ivy's potty about this wordsearch!
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  4.  Ivy Goes Shopping!
    Comic Strip - 24 Nov, 9:48am

    Ivy Goes Shopping!

    The shops are in for a shock when Ivy takes a trip!
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  5.  Ivy The Terrible Wallpaper
    Wallpaper - 12 Nov, 12:39pm

    Ivy The Terrible Wallpaper

    Let Ivy terrorise your computer's desktop with these free downloadable...
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