Lord Snooty the Third

Lord Snooty the Third: Parkinson

Nanny, dogsbody, and skivvy!

Parkinson is Lord Snooty's butler. He's not just a butler, though - he's a nanny, a dogsbody, and a skivvy as well!

  • Parkinson only puts up with all the work he's given because he loves the cash he gets from working for Snooty!
  • Parkinson's snobby, he's sarcastic and he's sneaky! Anyone would think HE was the heir to Bunkerton Castle and not Snooty - Parkinson would certainly like to think that, in the few seconds he gets to daydream before running about after his Lordship!
  • For all his own snootiness, Parkinson isn't above trying out a scam or two at Snooty's expense!

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  1. markfannon
    markfannonSat 6 April 2013 at 9:18AM

    Glad i'm not parkinson.

  2. no.1beanofan=me
    no.1beanofan=meSat 25 August 2012 at 10:25AM

    does snooty have a job because he has loads of cash