Lord Snooty the Third


  1.  1969 - Dudley D Watkins - Comic Legend!
    Comic Strip - 24 Aug, 1:52am

    1969 - Dudley D Watkins - Comic Legend!

    1969 saw the sad passing of this legendary comics talent.
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  2.  1946 - Stories, Strips, Comics & Captions
    Feature - 1 Aug, 10:45am

    1946 - Stories, Strips, Comics & Captions

    For a comic, the early Beanos had more than comics inside!
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  3.  Snooty Retro Wallpaper!
    Wallpaper - 4 Feb, 5:03pm

    Snooty Retro Wallpaper!

    Even in the olden days everyone went nuts on Beano Day!
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  4.  Snooty Re-decorates!
    Comic Strip - 3 Dec, 2:02pm

    Snooty Re-decorates!

    And he spends a packet to do so!
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  5.  Lord Snooty III Wallpapers
    Wallpaper - 1 Dec, 3:50pm

    Lord Snooty III Wallpapers

    Snooty up your desktop!
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