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The decorations are hung, the Christmas tree is up, but there's something missing... Something Beano-ey!

So here's a way to add a finishing Beano touch to your festive decor. Forget a putting a fairy on top of your tree - Dennis makes a menacing Santa Claus, and Minnie's a little angel... Yeah, right!!!


  1. Download and print out the figures.
  2. Carefully cut around the body - or get a grown-up to do it for you if you're too young (or too lazy) to handle scissors! Be sure to cut out the white areas between the hair and the body. The head should only be attached to the body at the neck, or it won't fold round properly!
  3. Carefully make slots where the two white lines are on the body for fitting the arms. TIP: Place the white lines over plasticine and press the end of one of the scissor blades until it goes through, then cut the slot.
  4. Fold the body round in a cone-shape and glue or tape the white tab on one edge behind the other edge in the middle of the back, making a cone body. For Minnie, you can then fold the wings out behind her.
  5. You have a choice of arms for each figure, or you can even mix and match the arms between them... or should that be Minx and match? (No, it shouldn't!)
  6. Cut out the arms, and bend them at the wrists, as marked on the sheet. For the arms holding the Beano book, you'll also need to bend them at the spine of the book.
  7. Fold the white tabs on the arms then stick them through the slots on the body. Glue or tape the tabs to the inside of the body to keep them in place.
  8. Put the finished figure on top of your tree. Never mind a white Christmas, a red and black Menacing or Minxing Christmas is much more fun!
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