Roger the Dodger


  1.  1993 - All-Colour Comics
    Comic Strip - 17 Sep, 2:36pm

    1993 - All-Colour Comics

    The Beano gets a new look & 2 characters have anniversaries!
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  2.  Download a Dodger!
    Feature - 28 Mar, 6:00pm

    Download a Dodger!

    Get crafty and create the craftiest Beano Blockhead - Roger!
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  3.  Dodger's Desktop Invasion!
    Wallpaper - 20 Sep, 1:06am

    Dodger's Desktop Invasion!

    A multitude of Minxes or Roger running riot?
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  4.  Roger's Dodging Code!
    Feature - 14 Jul, 6:01pm

    Roger's Dodging Code!

    Here's a top tip for keeping your dodges top secret!
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  5.  Are you a Dennis or a Dodger?
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