Roger the Dodger

Fun Zone

  1.  Roger's Dodge Search
    Feature - 23 Aug, 12:17pm

    Roger's Dodge Search

    Be a winner with Roger the Dodger!
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  2.  Roger's Dodging Dilemmas
    Quiz - 17 Apr, 12:27pm

    Roger's Dodging Dilemmas

    Have you got what it takes to be a dodger?
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  3.  Roger Vs The Three Bears!
    Versus - 6 Apr, 11:11am

    Roger Vs The Three Bears!

    Who's most devious? Retro rogues or a jammy dodger?
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  4.  Rog vs Min!
    Versus - 20 Sep, 1:06am

    Rog vs Min!

    Time to put your total to the test!
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  5.  The Bogglesworth Behaviour Test!
    Feature - 11 Dec, 2:22am

    The Bogglesworth Behaviour Test!

    Have you been naughty or nice? This invention will tell you!
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