Super School


  1.  Skylanders Swap Force
    Video - 27 Nov, 12:09am

    Skylanders Swap Force

    Watch the vid to see Skylanders secrets!
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  2.  Captain America 2
    Video - 20 Nov, 10:16am

    Captain America 2

    See the trailer for Captain America The Winter Soldier HERE!
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  3.  1967 - With One Mighty Leap...
    Comic Strip - 22 Aug, 1:53am

    1967 - With One Mighty Leap...

    This Beano hero leapt, swooped and pounced like a cat!
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  4.  Fruity Flyer!
    Doodle - 18 Feb, 2:09pm

    Fruity Flyer!

    Bananagirl's a great example of eating your five a day!
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  5.  'Water' cracker!
    Doodle - 20 Dec, 4:06pm

    'Water' cracker!

    by Joshua C
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  6.  Water Boy and Stink Bomb Drawing
  7.  Stink Bomb Drawing
    Doodle - 3 Dec, 12:26pm

    Stink Bomb Drawing

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  8.  Super School Puzzle it out!
  9.  Super School versus Bash Street
  10.  Super School Emergency!
    Comic Strip - 3 Dec, 11:51am

    Super School Emergency!

    Can the team make a clean job of it?
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