The Numskulls


  1.  The Numskulls: Cruncher
    Character - 6 Nov, 10:41pm

    The Numskulls: Cruncher

    Cruncher's job is to break up Edd's food and send it on its way!
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  2.  The Numskulls: Brainy
    Character - 6 Nov, 10:29pm

    The Numskulls: Brainy

    Brainy's in charge of the Brain Department, as well as the rest...
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  3.  The Numskulls: Edd
    Character - 6 Nov, 10:02pm

    The Numskulls: Edd

    Edd's a bit of a gormless twit, but it's not his fault!
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