The Numskulls

National Trust: The Numskulls Comic!

It's the National Numskulls!

Edd and his Numskulls get the bug-hunting bug on a day out in the gardens at Polesden Lacey!


You'll bee surprised who lends a helping hand... or helping wing!

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  1. andrewarkle1
    andrewarkle1Mon 25 February 2013 at 6:12PM

    this is good

  2. Ronan987
    Ronan987Sat 27 October 2012 at 4:24PM

    Numskulls RULE!

  3. i-<3-t.beano
    i-<3-t.beanoSun 5 August 2012 at 9:05AM

    really i am the only one 2 comment since the 20th may [Webguy says - We've had a few technical hitches with the comments, but now everything's working fine and we're reading all your comments now. Sorry for the delay, folks!]

  4. wario7661
    wario7661Sun 20 May 2012 at 3:01PM


  5. adamfee
    adamfeeMon 7 November 2011 at 7:04PM

    how do you make a sausage roll? push it down a hill