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The Numskulls


  1.  Numskulls Celebrate An Important Date!
    Comic Strip - 15 Nov, 3:54pm

    Numskulls Celebrate An Important Date!

    But can they remember what's important about it?
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  2.  Mario is coming!
    Feature - 22 Nov, 5:01pm

    Mario is coming!

    [ADVERTORIAL] In Mario Kart™ 7 and Super Mario 3D Land!
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  3.  Knock Your Blockhead Off!
    Feature - 18 Apr, 5:02pm

    Knock Your Blockhead Off!

    Build your Blockheads, line 'em up, then knock 'em down!
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  4.  Numskulls Ping and Pong!
    Comic Strip - 15 Nov, 2:59pm

    Numskulls Ping and Pong!

    The Numskulls want to come out and play so they put Edd to sleep....
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  5.  National Trust: The Numskulls Comic!
    Comic Strip - 30 Jul, 1:03am

    National Trust: The Numskulls Comic!

    You'll go "bug-eyed" over this brilliant downloadable comic!
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