The Numskulls

Fun Zone

  1.  Nifty Numskulls Pic!
    Doodle - 29 May, 3:52pm

    Nifty Numskulls Pic!

    Say 'Hello' to Edd's little friends in this group portrait!
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  2.  Here Come the Blockheads!
    Feature - 16 Apr, 3:39pm

    Here Come the Blockheads!

    The Blockheads are busting out, and busting into!
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  3.  Head to Head!
    Versus - 2 Apr, 5:52pm

    Head to Head!

    Numskulls or Blockheads - vote for head of the pack!
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  4.  Blockhead Headlines Game!
    Feature - 30 Mar, 5:49pm

    Blockhead Headlines Game!

    The Blockheads are out of order! Sort 'em out in this game!
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  5.  Search Your Skull - Game!
    Comic Strip - 14 Feb, 4:57pm

    Search Your Skull - Game!

    Are you brainier than Brainy? This Word Search is for you!
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