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Morgyn the Mighty

Morgyn the Mighty

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Morgyn the Mighty, who made his first Beano outing across two pages in the first issue, was dubbed 'The Strongest Man in the World!' And, over the next 14 weeks, he was given the chance to prove this claim as he wrestled sharks, eagles, and the other oversized beasts that inhabited the land, sea and air around Black Island, the craggy, jungle-covered isle on whose shores Morgyn had been washed up thirteen years before after being shipwrecked on the schooner 'Hebrides'. Here, from the mountain known as Morgyn's Seat, he surveyed his castaway kingdom, ever on the lookout for signs of attack.

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Morgyn's picture strip debut may have been in the first Beano, but it wasn't his first appearance in print. That had come ten years before, on February 11th 1928, in the pages of boys' adventure paper, 'The Rover'. There, the stories had been mainly text, with a few illustrations. For 'The Beano', artist George Anderson brought this 'Tarzan of the Islands' to action-packed life in a story that combined a picture strip layout with narrative captions beneath each frame.

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Morgyn's run in the pages of The Beano was brief. But you can't keep a strong man down, and Morgyn's adventures were reprised in action and adventure comic 'The Victor' in 1963.

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