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Musso the Wop

Musso the Wop

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Political satire had often been shown in newspaper cartoons featuring caricatures of politicians and world leaders. During wartime, The Beano took many swipes at the Nazis, with Hitler and his cronies being bested by the likes of Lord Snooty and Pansy Potter. A more direct attack on Germany's Italian allies came with 'Musso The Wop - He's a Big-a-da-Flop', a lampoon of Benito Mussolini, the Italian leader. 'Musso' was shown as vain, stupid and greedy, with these traits leading to his inevitable downfall.

Musso 2

By showing the enemy high command in this way, the message to British children was that we had nothing to fear from such a bunch of bunglers, and this sort of propaganda provided a much needed morale boost for the nation's children.

Sam Fair, the artist behind Musso and his numerous flops certainly aimed plenty of potshots at the enemy during wartime, as he was also drawing the misadventures of Hitler and Goering in 'Addie & Hermy, the Nasty Nazis' in 'The Dandy' at the same time.

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