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It's long been known that Beano kid characters don't like taking baths, or even washing their necks - Wilfrid of The Bash Street Kids hasn't washed his neck in years... er... we think. But there was one Beano star who took that hatred of washing further than any other - Smudge!

Smudge4Smudge wasn't just grubby and untidy, he LOVED a mess! He wasn't afraid to get mucked into anything for a bit of fun, or into muck for that matter. This led to a battle of wits between him and his mum, who would do anything to keep her son clean for a change. And sometimes Mum was prepared to fight dirty to do it.

Smudge 2Smudge was the first Beano story for Lancastrian artist John K. Geering. A veteran of strips like Puss 'n' Boots for 'The Sparky', John's Beano debut coincided with the launch of Bananaman, then a star of 'Nutty' before finding a permanent home in 'The Dandy'. Smudge was to be just the first of many stories John would go on to draw for The Beano - with Number 13 and Dean's Dino to follow - before his death in 1999.

Smudge 3Coincidentally, this wasn't the first time a story titled 'Smudge' had appeared in the comics, as there had been a girl character by that name in 'The Dandy' in the late 40s. While the previous Smudge might have been a bit of a tomboy, it's doubtful she would have approved of her namesake's dirty deeds.

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