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Retro Beano

Over the years, The Beano has changed to match the times, but the aim's remained the same - to bring laughs, thrills, action, and fun to children of all ages. Now, the Retro Beano section of the website gives you your chance to find out fun facts, chuckle at classic gags, and meet some favourite funny folk from throughout The Beano's long and laugh-packed history!

Bit by bit, we'll be adding info on the stories and strips that have entertained readers since 1938. We want you to think of this section as the equivalent of an online Beano fanzine - one where your views, comments, memories of classic stories and characters, criticisms, and corrections (after all, there are over 7 decades worth of Beano comics to go through, so mistakes might creep in) are all welcome!

Working together, we aim to make it a great place to find out about the comic's history. But, more importantly, because it's The Beano, we aim to make it fun!

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