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10 Question Unusual Laws Quiz

Ello, Ello, Ello! What’s all this then? We’re afraid that doing a Beano quiz on a mobile device whilst squatting on a public lavatory is highly illegal. That’s not a real law, of course – reading the Beano is ALWAYS ALLOWED – but did you know there were some laws in the UK that were just as strange! Check our 10 Question Unusual Laws Quiz to see if your knowledge of the law will keep you out of jail!

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Within the Metropolitan Police District, excluding the City of London, it is illegal to walk down the streets whilst carrying a plank of wood

2/10 A dog peering from behind a door

The game of “Knock Down Ginger“ or “Ding Dong Ditch” (where you knock on someones door and run away) is illegal!


Dressing up as a Police Officer for Halloween is illegal!


Pineapple on a pizza is illegal!


Apparently, Under the Salmon Act of 1986, it is illegal to be holding a salmon whilst looking 'suspicious'.


Members of Parliament aren’t allowed to wear suits of armour inside the House of Commons!


It is illegal to shake a rug outside before 8am


8/10 A house owner must provide slippers to a house guest otherwise they are breaking the law!


If you are transporting geese across London bridge you must be accompanied by a bag-piper to warn other bridge users of your presence!


It is illegal to give a pet the name of the current King or Queen!

Go Directly to Jail!

You must pay a fine!

Innocent! You may go free!