Gnasher and Gnipper

Gnasher and Gnipper

Dennis’s pet pooch, Gnasher, is a fierce (and fiercely loyal) Wire-Haired-Abyssinian-Tripe-Hound.

As his name suggests, he’s fond of gnashing, and he has the toughest teeth in town to prove it, which he likes sinking into bones and postmen’s trousers.

(And if you need more proof, he has the Toughest Teeth in Beanotown Trophy… or he would have if he hadn’t chased the postman away when he tried to deliver it.)

Gnipper is Gnasher’s son, and he’s a real gnip… er… chip off the old block. He’s a pet, a pal, and a partner in crime for Dennis’s Gran. Like his doggy dad, Gnipper’s into gnashing, though his baby tooth is more useful for gnipping.

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