The Bash Street Kids

The Bash Street Kids

Bash Street School is the place to find the unruliest class in history (and in geography, maths, science… in fact, they’re unruly in every subject)! And the Bash Street Kids of Class IIB are the biggest crisis ever to hit education. These kids are way too cool for school, and when the bell rings, it’s just a signal for pandemonium!

Danny – the leader of the kids, and a tough guy in a crisis – and if there isn’t a crisis, he’ll cause one!

Plug – a gormless goon with a face that could curdle milk.

Sidney and Toots – terrible twin teacher-tormentors.

Erbert – as blind as a bat, and as batty as one, too.

Spotty – a pint-sized pimpled pest.

Smiffy – the world’s daftest child, he’s thicker than the crust on the school custard.

Wilfrid – undersized pupil with oversized jumpers.

Fatty – a greedy glutton, and the only pupil brave enough to face school dinners.

Teacher – in charge of Class IIB… in his dreams! He tries hard to keep order, though his control of the kids is totally out of order.

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