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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: May 30th 2024

Help Smiffy's Spell!

It’s time for the Bash Street Spelling Bee! Smiffy is determined that he’s not going to lose this year, but with your help, can he get as far as challenging Teacher?

Tap on the letters to guess the word. The clue will give you a big hint as to what the word is. But if you don’t spell it correctly on your turn, then your opponent will have a go!

Complete the spelling of 4 words to complete each level. Erbert’s up first – he’s Smiffy’s pal, so he might go easy on you (but he does struggle to see the board!). Then, challenge Sketch Khadija and Cuthbert, who are happy to give it a go at winning something. Rubi is trickier though; she’s much more confident in her abilities. And finally, do you think you can defeat Teacher? He knows the alphabet backwards, forward, sideways, upside down, and probably could tell you all about the ancient letters that were in the alphabet last century – lucky for you, he’s a bit scatter-brained!