Find Secret Treasure!

Hidden somewhere in each week’s Beano is a secret code! If you can find it and enter it here you’ll unlock extra splat points! What’s more, if you find all fifty codes over the space of the year, you’ll earn a massive 50,000 splat points!

But be warned, we haven’t made them easy to spot, so you might need to borrow ‘Erbert’s glasses if you want to find them!

Good luck!

Win Ant-Man LEGO®!

Win the same exclusive Beano goodie bag we gave Paul Rudd, star of Ant-Man!

We found out that Paul Rudd, star of Ant-Man loves the Beano, so we got together with Hag & Con from to give him an exclusive gift of his own ant-sized mini-Beano plus a framed cover featuring Ant-Man himself!

You can see more of Hag & Con’s pics from the Ant-Man premiere at their site here!

Now you can get your hands on your very own mini-Beano, plus a copy of the Ant-Man framed cover and some LEGO® Ant-Man goodies!


How To Enter

All you need is the teeny tiny Beano that you’ve made and your imagination! We’re looking for the funniest… coolest… and most creative use of the Ant-Man Beano. Take a photo of your hamster reading it or one of your action figures or hide it somewhere funny… think big! Erm… small!

Send your photos to and the best five entries will win!

Download the instructions for making your mini Beano here
You can also watch our helpful video here

Even Ant-Man himself, Paul Rudd, has tried to win but we’re not telling him his picture isn’t good enough… he might go all Ant-Man on us and shrink us forever!

You’ve got until Monday 3rd August, 2015 to send us your entry

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Blast in Beanotown



Get ready to have a BLAST!!! The amazing new Dennis & Gnasher Blast in Beanotown app for iOS is out now!

Join forces with other Menaces to put fun back into Beanotown and defend yourself from the pesky grown-ups by using crazy and menacing gadgets!


Want to know more?

– It’s the only online multiplayer co-op game especially for young menaces!

– Check out the awesome 3D graphics!


Blast in Beanotown 3D graphics


– There are THREE Games modes – Beanotown Football, Defend Dennis and Menace Mayhem!

– Play with SEVEN gadgets, each one with its own special power-ups!


Blast in Beanotown Epic Gadgets


– Game center integration allows for brilliant multiplayer function!


Blast in Beanotown Multiplayer


Dennis & Gnasher Blast in Beanotown is available to download free now!

Menace Craft – Check out the epic MOD!

Dennis and Gnasher’s EPIC Minecraft Mod is jam packed with pranks – stink bombs, rotten tomatoes, stinky underpants & loads more. Watch out for Walter!

Want to play the mod yourself? Download the MOD:

Check out an awesome video of the mod below!


Where’s Dennis (and Gnasher!)



Can YOU find Dennis the Menace and his pesky pooch?

From Lord Snooty’s castle to the Bash Street dinner hall, put yourself to the test with these jam-packed scenes filled with classic Beano faves including Roger the Dodger, Minnie the Minx, Calamity James and Bananaman!




– Search for Dennis on your own, or take on a fellow Menace (or Softy!) in two-player head-to-head mode.

– The quicker you find stuff, the more points you get!





– Each busy scene comes with over fifty different things to search for (some of them squelchy).

– Collect badges to fill up your trophy cabinet and earn your place in the Menace Squad!




–  Bunkerton Castle, Bash Street School dinner hall and Beanotown shopping centre are all brought to life with fun sound effects and animations.

–  Log in to the Game Center to connect with other Menaces, check out your position on the leaderboard and compare badges.

– Brilliant new super-speedy bonuses and extra things to find! You can win new badges too! Yippee!


Where’s Dennis? (and Gnasher!) is available to download free on iOS and Android now! 


You have earned a badge.