10 Cases of Hidden Faces

Can you spot the faces hidden in everyday objects?

1. The Tough Guy Mop

If you think I'm going back in that bucket, you've got another thing coming

2. The Boggily Bag Dispenser

HEY! CAN I HELP!? No thanks, just let me get to the Pick 'n' Mix.

3. The Delighted Steering Wheel

Please twist my head around! I LOVE it!

4. The Worried Bell Tower

I hope I'm not ringing too loud...

5. The Terrified Egg Poacher

NOOOO! Breakfast was never meant to be this way!

6. The Shy Speaker

I'm not cool enough to chill with the other speakers

7. The Sad Buggy

When the baby gets bigger I'll be out of a job

8. The Concerned Tap

I'm forgetting something, what was it? Is the bath still running? 

9. The Evil Roof

Mwah ha ha! All is going according to plan...

10. The Sickly Washing Machine

I should not have eaten that third helping of socks

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