10 Secrets of Adventure Time!

10 things you never knew about Adventure Time

1. The theme song is sung by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward

Pendleton also plays the ukelele on it. Some of the music used in the series is recorded inside a pirate ship that the show's composer built inside his flat!

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2. Finn the Human has been voiced by two brothers

Finn the Human was voiced by Zack Shada for the first few years but as he got older his voice changed so his younger brother Jeremy Shada (pictured) replaced him

Finn the Human and Jeremy Shada
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3. It takes 9 months to make 1 episode!

That's exhausting!

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4. Adventure Time is coming to an end...

The series is due to finish in 2018 but it's not all bad news. Firstly, there will be close to 300 episodes by then, and secondly, they're going to wind the whole thing up with an Adventure Time movie!

5. Finn's eyes look black most of the time, but when they are shown in close-up they are very light blue

Finn the Human
Image by Cartoon Network via Adventure Time Wikia

6. Jake the Dog has give children with Lady Rainicorn

They have 3 daughters - Charlie, Jake Junior and Viola - and 2 sons, TV and Kim Kil Whan. He's also a very talented skateboarder.

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7. Although Princess Bubblegum looks young, she is in fact 874 years old!

Princess Bubblegum
Image by Cartoon Network via Adventure Time Wikia

8. Marceline the bass-playing Vampire Queen is ambidextrous

This means she can play her bass (which is made from her ancient family battle-axe) either way around

Image by Cartoon Network via Adventure Time Wikia

9. The voice of Jake the Dog is the same guy who does the voice of Bender in Futurama

They even met in an episode of Adventure Time!

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10. There's a small waving snail in every episode

Can you spot him?

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Now let's party!

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