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10 Space Facts Which Are Out Of This World!

Phil E.S. Dogg has searched the entire universe to bring you some truly awesome facts about space!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  August 8th 2022

Phil E.S. Dogg loves space. He loves it so much, he's got some of those luminous stars stuck to the ceiling of his bedroom so he can drift off to sleep imagining he's floating around the universe. After his recent Race For Space adventure, he wanted to tell you the 10 best facts he knows about space and everything in it!

1. In space, no-one can hear you fart!

Space is completely silent because there is no air, and soundwaves cannot travel through a vacuum. So, if you're an astronaut, you could probably eat all the beans and cabbage you want, but the gas may fill up your space suit and make your sick.

2. A NASA spacesuit costs a lot of money!

Space suits aren't the sort of thing you can get off the rail at your local department store, because they're built to provide an astronaut with oxygen, safety, and the latest technology miles above the earth. One suit made in 1974 was said to cost up to $22 million, which is $122 million today. So, if you want to buy your own, start saving your pocket money!

3. The sun is gigantic!

The sun has a diameter of 865,370 miles, which means you could put about ONE MILLION Earths inside it. Stop trying to imagine what that might look like because you may give yourself a headache. It's basically 109 times wider than the Earth. Big, right?

4. Space is very, very old!

Scientists have worked out that the age of the universe is 13.8 billion years old, give or take a day. The question is, what sort of birthday gift do you buy for something that literally has everything? A voucher?

5. If you want to see Halley's Comet, you'll have to wait nearly 40 years!

Earth’s celebrity comet won’t reappear until 2061, so you've got plenty of time to charge your camera or smartphone to get a nice snap. It becomes visible every 75 years and the last time it was spotted was in 1986!

6. The Milky Way is going to collide with another galaxy!

Don't worry, this will take place in millions and millions of years from now! Boffins say that the Milky Way is set to collide with the Andromeda galaxy, which is like squishing to chocolate bars to make one mega chocolate bar. But if you did that, it would make a mess. Scientists say the earth will become too hot to support any forms of life, but lots of beautiful stars will form when this takes place, so it's not all bad news.

7. It would take you 12 years to get to Neptune!

Depending on where each planet is in its orbit, Neptune is between 2.7 billion miles and 2.9 billion miles. Even if you did reach this planet, you wouldn't be able to walk around as its surface is hot enough to melt a rock!

8. The moon is 238,857 miles from the Earth!

Gnasher and Phil ES Dogg on the moon

That's the same as going from London to Dundee and back just over 253 times! Remember to pack enough snacks and water. Maybe some copies of the Beano, too!

9. A dog called Laika travelled into space!


On November 3 1957, a dog named Laika made history by becoming the first living creature to go into space and orbit the Earth in Sputnik 2.

10. The highest mountain in the solar system is on Mars!

Olympus Mons is an extinct volcano on Mars and measures 16 miles high! That's about three times the height of Mount Everest!