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13: The Musical Quiz - Sing It Out!

The movie version of 13: The Musical is a story like no other - but how much do you know about it?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 13th 2023

13 The Musical is a show which made its Broadway debut in 2008. Based on a story by Dan Elish and featuring music composed by Jason Robert Brown, it follows the adventures of a young boy called Evan Goldman.

After his parents decide to get divorced, he moves from Manhattan in New York City to a small town in Indiana. Once he arrives, he quickly makes friends with his neighbours, Patrice and Archie, and faces the challenges of adapting to his new life in Appleton and fitting in with his class mates.

The musical was such a hit in New York City, that it was adapted for the big screen and directed by Tamra Davis. She has directed many movies including the comedy Billy Madison and several episodes of the TV show High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The movie version of 13 – which is now available to view on Netflix – features the actor Eli Golden who plays the role of Evan. Watch as he navigates his way through school and tries to build his group of pals as he approaches his 13th birthday. His ambition is to make his Bar Mitzvah – a Jewish coming-of-age ceremony – one to remember!

The songs – which are a memorable mix of Broadway-style anthems, rock and pop singalongs – help make 13 a fun, relatable film and is perfect viewing for anyone who has found it difficult to fit in.

Now you've read the outline of this hit musical and movie, maybe it's time you proved to yourself just how well you know the movie version!

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Right then, you ready to take the quiz? Good luck!


Where did Evan have to move to?


Why did they have to move?

Netflix | Neil Meron | Tamra Davis

What big party is Evan preparing for?


Who does Evan go to live with?


What is Evan’s next door neighbour called?

Netflix | Neil Meron | Tamra Davis

Finish the line, “O - P - P…”

Netflix | Neil Meron | Tamra Davis

How old is Evan at the start of the film?

Netflix | Neil Meron | Tamra Davis

Finish this line “Just settle down and…”


Where is Evan originally from?

Netflix | Neil Meron | Tamra Davis

Who is this character?

Netflix | Neil Meron | Tamra Davis

Eeeep! Not the best score we’ve ever seen, in fact, have you ever even watched the film? Ok, maybe you fell asleep during it - why not give the film another watch and see if you can do better next time? Don’t worry, you’ve got to start somewhere!

Netflix | Neil Meron | Tamra Davis

Alright! Not bad! You’ve definitely watched the film at least once, which is pretty much essential if you’re wanting to score well on this quiz! We think that you could probably do better though, so why not take a big ol’ deep breath and have another go!

Netflix | Neil Meron | Tamra Davis

Nice! With scores like these there's no way your bar mitzvah party is going to be a flop! You’ve done really well here and you should be proud! You could have another go and see if you can get 100% on the quiz, or you could try another quiz! It’s up to you!

Netflix | Neil Meron | Tamra Davis

Wow full marks! They said it couldn’t be done, but here you are, on the top of your A-Game and navigating middle school life without a care in the world! Very nice work! Why not try your amazing quiz hands at one of the other quizzes, let’s see if you can continue your streak!