6 of the Best Harry Potter Christmas Gifts

Stuck for what to ask your muggle family for this Christmas? Here's a few ideas...

1. This working TV remote wand

Different movements switch to different channels!

Image by The Wand Company

2. Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans

Dibs snot flavour!

Image by Jelly Belly

3. This Dobby the House Elf beanbag toy

Just don't throw any socks at him or he'll escape!

Image by Barnes and Noble

4. This Pusheen / Harry Potter Badge

Is it a cat? Is it a wizard? Well...it's sort of both

Image by Prettykittymakes | Etsy

5. The Quidditch set

It's quite the catch... geddiit?

...Never mind

Image by amazon.com

6. This Hedwig Cushion

It's at least as comfortable as a real owl!

Image by Primark

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